Module gcore::exec

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Utility functions related to the current execution context or program execution flow.

This module also provides API for low-level async implementation.


  • Get the current block height.
  • Get the current block timestamp.
  • Get current version of environment variables.
  • Terminate the execution of a program.
  • Get the current amount of gas available for execution.
  • Break the current execution.
  • Return the identifier of the current program.
  • Get the random seed, along with the block number from which it is determinable by chain observers.
  • Provide gas deposit from current message to handle reply message on given message id.
  • Reserve the amount of gas for further usage.
  • Reserve the amount of gas for system usage.
  • Unreserve gas identified by ReservationId.
  • Get the total available value amount.
  • Pause the current message handling.
  • Same as wait, but delays handling for a specific number of blocks.
  • Same as wait, but delays handling for the maximum number of blocks that can be paid for and doesn’t exceed the given duration.
  • Resume previously paused message handling.
  • Same as wake, but executes after the delay expressed in block count.