Function gcore::msg::send_init

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pub fn send_init() -> Result<MessageHandle>
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Initialize a message to send formed in parts.

Gear allows programs to work with messages that consist of several parts. This function initializes a message built in parts and returns the corresponding MessageHandle.


use gcore::msg;

extern "C" fn handle() {
    let msg_handle = msg::send_init().expect("Unable to init");
    msg::send_push(msg_handle, b"Hello,").expect("Unable to push");
    msg::send_push(msg_handle, b" world!").expect("Unable to push");
    msg::send_commit(msg_handle, msg::source(), 42).expect("Unable to commit");

§See also

  • send function allows sending message in one step.
  • send_push, send_commit functions allows forming a message to send in parts.