Type Alias gsdk::result::Result

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pub type Result<T, E = Error> = Result<T, E>;
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Custom Result

Aliased Type§

enum Result<T, E = Error> {




Contains the success value



Contains the error value

Trait Implementations§


impl<T, E> Decode for Result<T, E>where T: Decode, E: Decode,


fn decode<I>(input: &mut I) -> Result<Result<T, E>, Error>where I: Input,

Attempt to deserialise the value from input.

fn decode_into<I>( input: &mut I, dst: &mut MaybeUninit<Self> ) -> Result<DecodeFinished, Error>where I: Input,

Attempt to deserialize the value from input into a pre-allocated piece of memory. Read more

fn skip<I>(input: &mut I) -> Result<(), Error>where I: Input,

Attempt to skip the encoded value from input. Read more

fn encoded_fixed_size() -> Option<usize>

Returns the fixed encoded size of the type. Read more

impl<T, E> Encode for Result<T, E>where T: Encode, E: Encode,


fn size_hint(&self) -> usize

If possible give a hint of expected size of the encoding. Read more

fn encode_to<W>(&self, dest: &mut W)where W: Output + ?Sized,

Convert self to a slice and append it to the destination.

fn encode(&self) -> Vec<u8, Global>

Convert self to an owned vector.

fn using_encoded<R, F>(&self, f: F) -> Rwhere F: FnOnce(&[u8]) -> R,

Convert self to a slice and then invoke the given closure with it.

fn encoded_size(&self) -> usize

Calculates the encoded size. Read more