Crate gear_common

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  • Auxiliary implementations of the complex data structures, which manage important for the gear runtime storages. These implementations can be used in a non-wasm environment.
  • Gear events additional data.
  • Module contains macros that help to implement Config type for various pallets of Substrate. All used types should be in scope.
  • Module for scheduler implementation.
  • Gear’s storage API module.




  • Type representing converter between gas and value in different relations.
  • The id of the gas lock.
  • Program in different states in storage.


  • Contains various limits for the block.
  • Trait that the RuntimeApi should implement in order to allow deconstruction and reconstruction to and from its components.
  • Trait that is used to “delegate fee” by optionally changing the payer target (account id) for the applied call.
  • A trait whose purpose is to extract the Call variant of an extrinsic

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